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Oh no, the maximum dreaded phrases we may want to in all likelihood listen. “William, properly I recognize I stated I turned into going to go in advance with the order, but…I just sense like we been with this seller so long, I absolutely…Uh…Maybe things will alternate down the road. I’m going to offer them some other chance.”

You were given within the door with the possibility. You gave them an awesome price, a income justified answer, and were given a “sure” answer. Heck, you did not even near, the deal closed itself.

Now comes the scary call two days later. Your competitor undercut the charge and begged to hold the business. Here is how the communication started out, “We were doing commercial enterprise collectively for years Mr. Customer, and we can do some thing we need to do to preserve your commercial enterprise.”

The bottom line right here is you may have prevented this from going on. How? Confirm with the choice maker with a state of affairs just like the following:

“Mr. Prospect, I understand you advised me you wanted to transport forward in doing enterprise together. I’m very appreciative of this decision, however still, I’m positive you current supplier goes to be quite pissed off in dropping your enterprise. I’ve obviously very enthusiastic about getting started, however I want to know some thing before placing the paintings into making this commercial enterprise transaction show up. If they reduce their price, beg to your commercial enterprise lower back, are you going to change your mind?”