15+ Festive Christmas Nail Art Ideas

The festive season of Christmas is the appropriate occasion to vent out your creative thoughts and fulfill your creative goals. On Christmas, we decorate our homes with candles, lighting fixtures, wall papers, streamers, Christmas tree, and many others. We additionally present numerous varieties of items to our close to and expensive ones. Instead of purchasing the wall papers, Christmas tree adornments, greeting playing cards and present luggage, you may prepare those at domestic all by your self. You may additionally involve your children in Christmas artwork as it is one of the exceptional methods to preserve them busy at domestic at some point of the holiday season.

Popular styles of Christmas art

If you have a innovative aptitude, remember trying your hands at the varieties of Christmas art given beneath.

Reindeer ornament

To put together reindeer adorns, you’ll require the subsequent objects:

A zone sheet of mild brown craft foam

8 inches of ribbon

2 glitter gold chenille sticks

2 wiggle eyes (medium size)

1 pink glitter pom pom

Hot glue


Method: In the shape of tear drops, cut pieces from the craft foam to shape the pinnacle of the reindeer. Shape out a small oval from the foam and cut it into same halves lengthwise to shape the ears. Bend and twist the chenille sticks in the form of antlers. With the assist of the hot glue, stick the ears and antlers on the top of the spherical quit of 1 tear drop shape. Fold the ribbon and glue its open results in among the 2 antlers to make the hanger. To create the back of the reindeer’s head, glue the second one tear drop form to the returned of the first tear drop shape. Place the wiggle eyes with glue. Glue the pom pom to the pointed stop of the tear drop to form the crimson nostril and your ‘Rudolph’ will be geared up to be hanged on the Christmas tree.


If you’re a teenager, you could without difficulty make your mother glad with the aid of giving one in every of her vintage and dilapidated hair clip a new appearance. To try this, you will need the subsequent objects:

Old hair clip

Bright coloured nail polish

Glitter nail polish

Small ornamental mild bulbs with hollow

Fishing line


Method: Paint your mom’s dilapidated hair clip with a shiny coloured nail polish. You may choose a couple of colour. Let the polish dry and then use the glitter polish to make the clip greater appealing. Keep apart and allow the glitter to dry. String tiny mild bulbs onto a bit of fishing line and positioned this line thru the hollow on the ends of the clip. Tie the line tightly at the ends and a brand new hairclip for your mother may be equipped.